Hello all.  Big Announcement time!

We will be switching servers to a new service.  Service is called PurpleTV.  Works and looks like the one you are on now, just more stable and growing quickly.  

Go to http://purple-tv.com to check out the new site.

Quick list of things to look forward to:
• Better servers - means less rebooting, less downtime
• Built in support system on the website making it easier to get issues remedied
• One connection option for $15.  Should save some of you $5/mo
• Ever growing list of channels and other services (Emby is back on this service!)
• Local channels are back up!
• New features like Match Center and Movie Zone
• Movies option on the app available again, and at no additional cost (TV Shows to come)
• Affiliate system available.  If you want to make some money pushing people to the site, I can set you up as an affiliate.  No support, no keeping up with anything.  You send them to a link, you get paid if they buy. Simple and easy.  If interested, pm me about this.

What is going to happen is I am going to cancel everyone's PayPal agreements.  Your service will play out in full entirety, but when it's up you will need to switch over to the new site.  I recommend going ahead and creating an account on the new site and getting everything set up there so your transition is easier.

Couple quick things to note:
• Your channels will be different.  That's fine, they are still there, and if they are not, we have a request option for those.
• You will have to install a new app.  It's the same app you are used to from EZStreamTV, just branded different and pointing to our service.  If you use a different app, the knowledgebase on the website should have all the links you need.  Know that when you switch, you will need to delete the old app first before installing the new one.  App install link will be: http://app.purple-tv.com.  You will need to uninstall the EZStreamTV app before install, so don't do that until you are ready to switch.

This should be quick and painless, and I'm sorry for making you guys jump through a couple of hoops, but it will be worth it in the long run.  For the troubles, I've put a promo code in place for all the subscribers moving over to the new service.  Enter EZSTREAMTV at the promo code to get $5 off your first month.  

Thanks everyone, and let me know if any of you have any questions!


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